What do I need to do? – an Overview

Why Complete a Career Prep Course?
Following Planning 10, Career Preparation 12 A, B, and C  offer you a teacher mentor to help you navigate your career options over your final years at CSS.  There are three levels (12 credits) available and they are open to all students at CSS who have registered prior to Sept 20th in their Grade 12 year.  You may choose to take one or go for all three of the CP courses (Level A, B, C)

The first Career Preparation course  helps you better prepare for Employment and Post Secondary Opportunities, it is a chance to experience what a number of career opportunities will look like, offers you a teacher mentor,  and also gives you a 4 credit grade 12 course!  As you get more experience opportunities, you will find that level B and level C may also be great options.

Most students find that they can complete this course quite easily outside of their regular timetable.  Most students also have their CP mentor teacher support them as they complete their Graduation Transition Requirement.

Who can I contact if I need addtional questions answered?
Any Career Preparation teacher or Martin Runge the Career Preparation Coordinator

When Do you Begin Career Preparation?
Normally you would register for CP once you have turned 15.  You can start your Career Program as early as Grade 10 and until the September cut-off of your Grade 12 year.  The earlier you register, the longer you will have an addtional teacher and mentor to help you out with school and career questions.

What do you have to do to get your CP Credits?

Below is a quick overview of what would be completed in 12 A and some of the projects students received marks for in 12B and C.  Please check out the details on the respective  Career Preparation pages.

Career Preparation 12 A
Modules A and B; these modules cover items such updating resumes, mock interviews, and career planning

Two additional modules of your choice; these modules can include Job Shadows, work experience, self-directed projects, volunteering etc…

Career Preparation 12B
Extends on what was covered in YPOS12A and focuses on and requires and additonal 120 hours made up of many options:
WBC approved worksite experineces
A number of shorter varied Work Experiences
Job Shadows
Volunteering Projects
Choices of various Career Related Projects
Larger sponsored projects (which have included Encounters with Canada, Junior Achievement Programs, Work COFI workshops and sessions)
Long Term Volunteering Positions
Self-directed job shadow training plans
and moreCareer Preparaion 12C

Career Preparation 12C
RCMP Spring Camp
Fire Fighting training (wildlands and structural)
Ms Quesnel Self-Development


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