Welcome to Correlieu Secondary’s Career Preparation Website!

This is your guide, not only to attaining the Career Prep Certificate, but also to gaining knowledge and experience that will help you prepare for post secondary or future employment.

The Career Preparation program at Correlieu is open to all students over the age of 15.  It is a course that is generally run outside of the timetable with the support of a mentor teacher in both grades 11 and 12.

Although there are some manditory preparation assignments that you will have to complete, the focus of this course is for you to find, through placements and various opportunities, a career path that is yours.

Career Preparation 12 A, B, and C, will allow you to explore as many career opportunities as your time and commitment will allow.  Through the experiences and opportunities afforded to you the ultimate goal will be to make your post-secondary or employment choices both sound and rewarding.

As a wise teacher once said:
” It is better to really experience  your ‘dream career’ in high school  than to find out a few years into your post-secondary studies, that your dream career belongs to someone else!” 

So take some time to see what all of CP is about.  Check out the links, ask questions, and register in a course that will open doors and opportunities.