SD28 Dual Credit Program

For those students who are interested in Trades Training, you have the option of entering into the Dual Credit Program or ACE-IT.  The program is in partnership with CNC Quesnel and currently offers assistance in entering the Carpentry, Millwright, and Electrical.  Students interested in Auto Mechanics or other programs need to apply although these”outside of Quesnel” spots are very limited.

The program helps students to become qualified for entry-level trades employment and graduates receive credit for level one technical training and some work-based training hours.

Students interested in taking the program would need to complete the Dual Credit Application form and hand in to Mr. Runge; the trades courses operate from February to June so students in Gr12 would need to take and pass their English 12 in the first semester to meet graduation requirements.  Please see CNC entrance requirements for further information on required courses.CNC seats available

Electrical Requirements

Carpentry Requirements

Millwright Requirements

Note: High school graduation with English 12, Math 11 and Physics 11 (where applicable) is recommended and required by some employers in order to be indentured as an apprentice.

There is also Secondary School Apprenticeship that is available to students. Students enrolled in an SSA go to work and attend high school at the same time. That means they have found an employer who is willing to take them on (and pay them) as an apprentice – at least until their high school graduation. 

Please see Mr. Borrett or your C.P. teacher for more information.

Students already working in a Trades Career (cook, hairdresser, mechanic, welder, baker, childcare workers, landscapers etc…) can sign up to the Industry Training Association (ITA) for an ITA number, get assigned to an employer (with Trades Credentials) and collect hours towards credits (120 hours of work= 4 credits). Employer must sign off and evaluate the student with the teacher.