How do you study for the WHMIS Test?
This material is generally covered in planning 10, and some
students may already have a WHMIS card. This may just have to
be shown to your CP Teacher.

Reviewing or covering WHMIS Course material and videos:
1. Read WHMIS at work
Scan/use the Participant Workbook (pdf) to make sure you
covered the material 
Complete WHMIS worksheet

Quiz review or prep:
If you missed classroom instruction, these videos cover much of the WHMIS material. If you need review, the following topics and videos correspond to the WHMIS booklet and much of what is on the quiz.

4. WHMIS Videos 
* hand the completed video questions to your CP instructor

WHMIS Videos to Watch
Making WHMIS work Video Making WHMIS Work
14 min 52s
Video Questions (pdf)
Lost Youth Video Lost Youth (Edited)
17 min 22 s
Video Questions (PDF)
The Hearing Video The Hearing Video
17 min 29 s
Video Questions (pdf)
The Supervisor Video The Supervisor
15 min 22 s
Video Questions (pdf)
Pesticides Video Pesticide Storage 
1 min 56s
Video Questions (pdf)
Link to more WorkSafe Videos
To WorkSafeBC Site

5. Ready to take the test?
Log onto your SSDAS Account and write the exam
(Need help getting on to your SSDAS account, go to SSDAS helping page).

The Fun Zone

Learn more about the exposure hazards around you, exercise your right to a safe workplace, and expose yourself as the safety guru you know you can be!
Play the game on Facebook and pass it along to your friends at dangerouslyexposed.com/facebook

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