Modules C to N

Besides completing the required Modules A and B, you must complete two additional modules of your choice for the CP 12A Program.  You can choose two modules from the list below.  (The printable version of each module can be found on their corresponding web pages)

Module C: Volunteering

Module D: Experiential Learning

Module E: Work Related Experiences

Module F: Outside Training Experiences

Module G: Job Shadows

Module H: Job and/or Work Experience

Module I: Aboriginal Opportunities

Module J: Career Preparation Independent Directed Instruction (only completed at the end of Grade 12 Year)

Module K: CP Advanced (only completed if in final year)

Module L: My Post Grad Planning (only completed if in final year)

Module M: Career Prep Support

Module N: CP Public Relations


Quesnel student Avery Bell won a regional cabinetmaking competition in Prince George as part of the College of New Caledonia’s Skills BC Provincial team. – Prince George Citizen